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Board of Directors:
  • Mark Crull, Executive Pastor, Northview Christian Life Church
  • Kathy Olssen, Principal, College Wood Elementary
  • Brienn Miller, Teacher, Carmel Middle School
  • Aaron McRill, Coach, Carmel High School
  • Maria Gottlieb, Director, Pup Running, Inc.
School-Specific Questions and Comments:

If you have a question that is specific to your school's Pup Running Club, i.e. practice times and locations, please email your school's coach directly.

  • Carmel Elementary
    Matt Baller - 5th Grade Girls
    Rebecca McGuckin - 5th Grade Boys
    Diane McAndrews - 4th Grade Girls
    Kevin Hetrick - 4th Grade Boys
  • Cherry Tree Elementary
    Christina Campins-Schneider
    Kelly Fiorenza
    Jennifer Feeney
  • College Wood Elementary
    Jeni Oshimura
    Kristen Ritchey
    Heidi Gorman
  • Forest Dale Elementary
    Kelley Lefever
    Amber Ranek
    Jenny Wiley
    Meggan Ehret
  • Mohawk Trails Elementary
    Anais Habegger
    Brandy Yost
    Missy Helm
  • Orchard Park Elementary
    Angie McVey
    Don Nave
    Sara Brown
    Melanie Walker
    Julie Johnson
  • Prairie Trace Elementary
    Sara Carlisle
    Leslie Teskey
  • Smoky Row Elementary
    Shelley Kim
    Aleks Johnson
    Matt Griffin
  • Towne Meadow Elementary
    Sofia Montarce
    Kate Golden
  • West Clay Elementary
    Michele Buoscio
    Blair Stott
    Tara Stott
    Andrea Stott
  • Woodbrook Elementary
    Caroline Shrieve
    Jeannine Sell
General Questions and Comments:

If you have a question or comment about Pup Running Club, i.e. registration, please email Pup Running by clicking here.

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